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PF Jones Towbars

We stock a comprehensive range of towbars from all the top quality manufacturers, and have over 2500 tow bars ready for next day delivery on all orders placed before 12 noon (subject to availability). Our massive stock levels mean that we always have the widest range of towbars available for you to choose from.

Manufacturers we stock include Witter tow bar systems, Westfalia towbars,and Bosal towbars.

Contact us on 0161 886 5796 or via the live chat icon located, for any help or advice regarding buying  items or fitting items purchased on our site. Advice is always free.

We are never beaten on any Witter tow bar, Westfalia towbars, and Bosal tow bars.  We will beat any like for like tow bar quote.

Mitsubishi L200 Towbars

Ford Galaxy Tow bars

Freelander 2 Towbars

Vauxhall Vivaro Tow bars

Westfalia Witter Towbars Full Kits from
Mitsubishi L200 towbar
Witter Westfalia Towbars Full Kit from only
Ford Galaxy Towbar
Witter Westfalia Towbars from only
Freelander 2 Towbar
Witter Westfalia Towbars from only
Vauxhall Vivaro Towbar

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Vauxhall Vivaro Towbar


Audi A4 B8 Towbars

BMW X5 Towbars

Kia Sorento Towbars

Renault Traffic Towbars

Detachable Towbar Westfalia
Audi A4 B8 towbar
Detachable Towbar Westfalia Full Kit from
Detachable Towbar Full Kit from
Kia towbar
Witter Westfalia Towbars From only
Renault Traffic Towbar

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Renault Trafic Towbar


Porsche Cayenne Towbar

Cycle Carriers

Eberspacher Airtronic Kit

Volvo V70 Towbars

Porsche OEM WestfaliaIn stock
Porsche Cayenne Towbar
All Makes and Models
Fixed and Adjustable
From only £65.00
Full Kits
Supply or Supply and Fit
From £727.37
Eberspacher Airtronic
Witter Westfalia Towbars From only
Ford Galaxy Towbar

Porsche Cayenne Towbar

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Nissan Navara Towbars
Audi Towbar Range
Ford Ranger Towbars
Full range Detachable Flange Swan neck Ford Towbars
Ford Towbars
Witter Flange Towbar Full Kit From Only
Nissan Navara Towbar
Westfalia Detachable Towbar Full Kit

Audi Towbar Range
Witter Westfalia Towbars from only
Ford Ranger Towbar
Thule Cycle Carriers
VW Towbar Range
Westfalia Portilo Cycle Carrier
VW Passat Towbars
Full Range of Thule Cycle Carriers and Thule  Roof Boxes

Thule Cycle Carriers

Flange Swan neck Detach
Westfalia / Witter Towbars VW OEM Towbars

VW Towbars
3 Bike Carrier unique fold away design

Westfalia Portilo Cycle Carrier
Witter Westfalia Towbars From only

VW Passat Towbar
Vauxhall Towbar Range
Towbar Wiring
Volvo Tow bar Range
Flange Swan Neck Detachable Westfalia Witter

Full Kits Universal and
dedicated kits all in stock

Towbar Wiring Kits
Westfalia Towbars         Witter Towbars

Volvo Towbar Range
Witter Westfalia Towbars From only
Ford Transit Towbar

Our Towbars

Supply a range of market leading tow bars at competitive prices, the tow bars come with FREE tow ball & electrics kit. All tow bars come with fitting instructions and FREE fitting advice

Westfalia towbars Are committed to preventing environmental damages caused by there products and the processes involved in their manufacture. They strive towards constant improvement and increased efficiency in all manufacturing processes.

Was Established in 1923 in Alkmaar Netherlands, the Bosal Group is Dutch registered , With headquarters based in Lummen, Belgium.

Name is synonymous with the highest standards of design, quality, safety and security for motorists and road users. Witter Towbars are proud of their innovative approach, which is shaping the direction of towbar design and development throughout Europe.

Tow bar for Audi Audi Towbars

Tow bars for BMW BMW Towbars

Ford Towbars Ford Towbars

Tow bars for Jaguar Jaguar Tow bars

Tow bars for Land Rovers Land Rover Tow bars

Tow bars for Fiat Fiat Tow bars

Tow bars for Kia Kia Tow bars

Citroen tow bars Citroen Towbars

Tow bars for Infiniti Infiniti Tow bars

Tow bars for Honda Honda Tow bars

Tow bars for Mercedes Mercedes Tow bars

Skoda tow bar Skoda Tow bars

Towbar support