Dacia Tow bars

Dacia Tow Bars are in stock and are available for fitting across the UK

Latest range of top quality brands of tow bars for Dacia vehicles
A wide range of tow bar types can be fitted to Dacia vehicles, flange tow bar necks and swan tow bar necks are now available as both fixed and detachable from Europe’s leading manufacturers; Westfalia, Witter, Bosal and Brink. Only EU and manufacturer approved tow bars are available from PF Jones ensuring your Dacia will be fitted with the best quality product.

Dacia as a towing car
In 1999 Dacia was purchased by car manufacturer Renault, in recent years Dacia vehicles have become a popular budget brand for Renault. The Dacia Duster is a bargain 4x4 car great for mid-range towing with a maximum towing weight of 1500kg braked and 695kg unbraked (this maximum towing weight is specific to the Duster Estate Special Edition 1.5 dCi 110 Laureate Prime 5 Door 4x4, the Duster Estate Special Edition 1.5 dCi 110 Laureate Prime 5 door has a maximum towing weight of 1500kg braked and 640kg unbraked. To confirm your Dacia Dusters maximum towing weight please contact the manufacturer), Dacia was also awarded an inaugural Special Award in the 2013 Tow Car of the Year awards for the Duster for its achievements in developing a low budget 4x4 towing car. Other models of Dacia with towing capabilities include Dokker, Logan (Saloon and Estate versions), Sandero and Sandero Steway. Westfalia, Witter, Bosal and Brink have designed and manufactured vehicle specific tow bars for these models and the full Dacia range of tow bars are available from PF Jones.

Fitting your own Dacia tow bar
For DIY fitters, our technical support team, made up of expert tow bar fitters with on the job training makes it easy for you to fit your own tow bar at home. Call us for help or advice and our support team will talk you though fitting your tow bar.

Need help? We can fit your Dacia tow bar
We have several fitting depots including Wigan, Stoke and Manchester and a network of highly skilled mobile tow bar fitters. Our mobile tow bar fitting service is available to all PF Jones tow bar customers, we cover the majority of the UK and can fit at either your home or workplace.

Dacia tow bar electrics
We stock both universal and dedicated tow bar electrics kits. Every tow bar has the relevant electrics as a secondary option on the item page or you can browse our Dacia tow bar electrical kits.

What is included with your Dacia tow bar?
All our tow bars are supplied with a free tow ball, a bolt kit, fitting instructions and free fitting advice through our technical support team; available exclusively for PF Jones customers.