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How to choose a tow bar

There are a number of things you will need to consider when purchasing a towbar for your vehicle, the most important two are:

Towbar Electrics

Choosing the right electrics will depend on your intended towing purpose. There are three options for you to choose from: Single, Twin, and 13 pin.

To help you, we have written up a quick guide to help you understand the electrics kit best suited to your towing needs. There is also a much longer towbar electrics guide.


Towbar types

There are two main types of tow bar: fixed and detachable.

Fixed versions include swan neck and flange. Both of these types stay fastened to the vehicle.

Detachable versions include swan neck and detachable flange. As the name suggests these can be easily detached from the vehicle. These are usually fastened into place when in use via a key or a locking mechanism.

For a more in-depth guide use this link.


Quick Towbar Search


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Customer Service
Notwithstanding a smallglitch on getting the correct outlet, the service I have received from your Company both in terms of getting the kit ordered, its delivery and remedying the glitch has been courteous, informed, and rapid: a model service that many other Companies could learn from. I shall be ensuring that anyone of my acquaintance in need of towbar services has your phone number anfd website address.
With thanks
Geoff Smith

Verified order

Excellent service and value !!!

Verified order

Awesome ordered a tow bar for a Mercedes ML320 AT 12.00AM ON Tuesday and received it 10.00am the next day.

Verified order

ordered a towbar kit from Brian wednesday a.m
delivered to london following day, one day earlier than promised - truely exelent service.


Verified order

Very good service and the cheapest towbar by a good margin. Many thanks.

Verified order

Tried to order a tow bar with your competitors on the Internet by phone , phoned them three times and still couldn't identify correct type , gave up with them and called your company . Process took less than 8 minutes, salesman was refreshingly helpful and knowledgeable . Thank you , no need to wish you success , you are far better than your competition , still waiting to hear from the others technical department .

Verified order

Fantasic service and value, i was quoted £100 more from a reconised dealer that i had used before.

Verified order

Must commend the service level of this company!

I ordered a detachable towbar and custom electrical kit for a Volkswagen Touareg, and it arrived next day before 12:00! Unfortunately an important (and probably expensive) part of the electrical kit was missing. I reported this in an email Sunday night, and was called by PF Monday morning inquiring about the exact nature of the part. I confirmed this and within an hour I was called back and it was confirmed that the part was on its way! No quibbles.
I am very pleased to say that it arrived in the post today!
Thank you very much!

Verified order

Bought : Ford Focus Witter Detachable Towbar

Service was outstanding this company goes the extra mile very impressed would happily buy from again.

Verified order

VW Passat 2009 Detachable Westfalia supplied and fitted at Manchester Depot.
Excellent workmanship and friendly