Rhino Van Roof Racks


Witter and Rhino Roof Racks for Vans


The newly launched Van Roof racks by Witter have been completely redesigned from the fixing points (feet) right through to the front and end bars, the main goal was to provide unrivalled strength, reduce wind noise and also reduce drag which helps to increase fuel efficiency.

Witter and Rhino Roof Racks Key Design Features

The claim of Unrivalled Strength is supported by the fact that the Van Roof Racks have been tested to DOUBLE the 'City Crash' requirement of ISO11 154. The wind noise goal was met by adding the front aerofoil bend to the front bars as well as, sleek cleverly designed feet reduce wind noise and help fuel efficiency. Usability and ease of use was also considered, and was added in the form of a full width rear roller for easier loading. The roller helps for example when putting on a long pair of ladder and acts like a extra pair of hands.

Witter and Rhino Roof Rack Fitting

Fitting a Roof Rack used to be a pretty big job, Witter took this into consideration right from the outset and incorporated this into the design and build process. The whole Roof Rack can now be assembled on the ground and then lifted onto the van roof in one, then positioning and final fixing can be completed.


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