BMW X3 Towbars

BMW X3 Towbars

BMW X3 tow bars Witter, Westfalia,Bosal Towbars

The BMW X3 is brilliant as a towing car and to drive solo, it could be argued to be one of the best fixe seater 4x4s. It only has a 2.0 litre engine under the hood, but its pulling power is brilliant! It has an impressive 2400kg towing capacity, even taking into account the recommended 85% pulling power it is still impressive. The X3 can pull a Swift Expression 554 from 30-60mph in just 10.7 seconds. The automatic gearbox swaps gears smoothly which only adds to the smooth ride it has even when towing a larger caravan, in a lane change test it stayed composed and firmly in charge of the caravan.

PF Jones supplies tow bars for the BMW X3 2004-2011, BMW X3 2011-2014 and BMW X3 2014. We have tow bars available from Witter and supply Westfalia. We can provide a nationwide fitting service and expert technical advice for our DIY fitters. PF Jones have depots available to complete a fully guaranteed fitting, including one in Manchester, Wigan and Stoke-on-Trent.


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