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Thule Roof Boxes

As one of the largest Thule dealerships in the UK, PF Jones are an official partner and stockist of Thule Roof Boxes with delivery available nationwide, including free delivery on selected roof boxes to mainland UK.

Thule Roof Boxes are not only a safe option of cargo system, but are beautifully designed in both style and capability. Thule believe in safety as a matter of necessity without giving up on good design so that fitting a new roof box on your car will both fit it perfectly and suit it well. Above all this, at the heart of the sleek roof box design is the extreme user friendly features. You will benefit more from travelling than ever before.

Thule Ocean Range

The Thule Ocean range is available exclusively from UK Partners. The glossy style and dynamic design of the ocean range suits the modern design of new cars making it feel as one. This range replaces its predeccessor the Thule Karrite Odyssey range. This Ocean range has all the great features of the Karrite range including its family- user friendly design at great value with the additional updated looks of a modern roof box.

This range is available in gloss black and is available in various sizes ranging from a 320 litre capacity to 450 litres.

  • Thule Ocean 80

    Size 133x86x37 cm
    Volume 320 l
    Load Capacity 50 kg
    Mounting System  
    Colour Gloss Black
  • Thule Ocean 600 Roof Box

    Size 190x63x37 cm
    Volume 330 l
    Load Capacity 50 kg
    Mounting System  
    Colour Gloss Black
  • Thule Ocean 100 Roof Box

    Size 139x90x39 cm
    Volume 360 l
    Load Capacity 50 kg
    Mounting System  
    Colour Gloss Black
  • Thule Ocean 200

    Size 175x82x45 cm
    Volume 450 l
    Load Capacity 50 kg
    Mounting System  
    Colour Gloss Black

Thule Touring Range

Thule's Touring roof boxes are available in exclusive black glossy or in extravagant titan aeroskin (black and silver). They feature the patented FastClick quick-mount system with integrated torque indicator for simple, secure fixing as well as DualSide opening for convenient mounting, loading and unloading. They also feature a central locking system which provides maximum safety. The grip-friendly Thule comfort key can only be removed if all locking points are securely closed.

This range is available in 5 different sizes and styles including small and a sports style. The maximum load weight available for the touring roof boxes is 50 kilograms.

Thule Motion Range

This range of roof box is more popularly known as the most spacious roof box. It has been designed by Thule to optimise for best space efficiency. The pre-installed PowerClick quick-mount system with integrated torque indicator allows for fast and secure fitting using only one hand while the DualSide opening with outside lid handles are for convenient mounting, loading and unloading. Roof boxes from this range are fitted with a central locking system providing maximum safety. It has been designed to have a forward position on a car roof, enabling full access to the boot of the car without interference from the roof box.

This range is available in the largest size of XXL (630 l) and a sports version, available in Thule's signature black glossy and titan aeroskin.

Thule Dynamic Range

The Thule Dynamic roof box range has a sporty, aerodynamically streamlined design with diffuser technology to optimise air flow around the box and a roof hugging baseline to fit a car roof perfectly. This range of roof boxes features include the pre-installed PowerClick, DualSide opening, central locking and similarly to the Motion range has been designed for having a forward position on the car roof allowing for full access to the boot while carrying cargo on the roof. As well as all this, the Dynamic roof boxes come with an integrated base mat with non-slip surface for extra secure loading.

This range is available in the signature colours; black glossy and titan aeroskin and is only available in medium and large sizes with a maximum capacity of 430 litres.

Thule Excellence XT Range

This is the world's most exclusive roof box - the best on the market. The exclusive design features a unique 2-tone colour combination and advanced aerodynamics and diffuser technology optimises air flow around the box. It features an automatic load fixation, when the box lid is closed, the load will be fixated and secured automatically with the new integrated loading net and crash nose as well as popular features of other Thule roof boxes including a pre-installed PowerClick quick-mount system, Dual-Side opening and Central locking for optimised safety. The Thule Excellence XT also has been designed for having a forward position on the roof a vehicle to allow roof for the boot to open and close. Additional features of this luxurious roof box include Thule Box Light, an automatic on/off function when opening and closing the lid and a custom-fit lid cover to protect the box from scratches and dust during storage.

  • Thule Excellence XT roof box

    Size 218x94x40 cm
    Volume 470 l
    Load Capacity 75 kg
    Mounting System PowerClick
    Opening DualSide
    Colour Black Glossy-Titan Metalic/
    Titan Glossy-Black Glossy
USD $ 202.54
USD $ 297.06
USD $ 297.06
USD $ 364.57
USD $ 1,681.88
USD $ 1,293.01
USD $ 351.07
USD $ 459.09
USD $ 418.51
USD $ 513.10
USD $ 513.10
USD $ 540.04
629800, 629801
USD $ 661.63
USD $ 540.10
USD $ 506.35
USD $ 573.86
USD $ 438.83
USD $ 864.16
USD $ 1,046.45
USD $ 1,620.31


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