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How to check if your vehicle has Trailer Preparation?

What is Trailer Preparation?

Trailer preparation is an existing connector in your vehicle which prepares the electric system of your car to accept the designated towbar wiring kit. Trailer preparation is detected through the connections of the wires already installed in your vehicle. With such connections, your vehicle will identify when the trailer plug is connected to the socket.

Trailer preparation is also referred to as a ‘plug and play’ kit, this is only applicable to vehicles which have an existing socket inside their vehicle, which plugs into the required towbar electrics and does not require any complicated wiring.

Where do I need to look for trailer preparation?

  • Usually, if your vehicle has trailer preparation, there will be a visible wiring and a socket that can be found behind the rear left panel near the back lights. However, the trailer preparation may be located somewhere else, depending on the make and model of the vehicle.
  • You can also refer to the vehicle’s manual and the towbar fitting instructions to locate the socket. Fitting instructions will usually have diagrams as to where to locate the trailer preparation in your vehicle.
  • Alternatively, it is worth calling your local dealership or the manufacturer of the vehicle, to confirm for certain whether your vehicle has trailer preparation.

Towbar wiring kits for vehicles with trailer preparation

The same type of wiring kit will not work on both cars with trailer preparation and without, different wiring kits will be specifically required for cars with trailer preparation.  As the existing electrics will be different for vehicles without trailer preparation and a vehicle with trailer preparation, it is important to make sure the wiring kit you purchase is fully compatible and functional with your vehicle.