Witter 3 bike cycle carrier

Technical Specifications

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Towbar Mounted
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Witter towbar mounted 3 bike cycle carrier ZX203

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Witter Bolt-on Towball Mounted Bike Cycle Carrier

ZX203 ZX203 Bolt-on Towball Mounted 3 Bike Cycle Carrier


The Witter Bolt-on Towball Mounted 3 Bike Cycle Carrier has a platform style build, enabling the bike rack to hold multiple bikes. Its sturdy shape is ideal for securing different bike types at once and transporting them securely.



  • The carrier clamps to a UK towball using an adjuster screw.
  • Folding capabilities allow more room for storage in vehicle.
  • Easy coupling which fits most towbars.
  • New cycle support arms fasten the bike safely to the cycle carrier.
  • Option to upgrade from wheel handles on cycle support hands to lockable handles that secure cycles to carrier.
  • Even with cycles loaded, tilts for easy access to the vehicle’s boot.
  • Low platform makes it easy for cycles to be loaded and unloaded.
  • Adjustable wheel holders accommodate most cycle sizes.
  • Supplied with light board and New 2in1 electric plug to accommodate both 7pin and 13pin sockets—no adaptor needed.


Technical Specifications

  • Carrier requires an initial assembly taking approx 50 minutes (instructions are included in the box)
  • Maximum payload – 51kg
  • Maximum weight per cycle - 17kg
  • Unladen weight - 13.6kg
  • +700mm for ferry dimensions.
Good product, at a very competitive price, and quick delivery, but allow plenty of time to assemble it (maybe 1 hour).
Terrific well made product. It does the job well. Highly recommended.
For the price,this is a great carrier. Not too complicated to put together,and decent looking. Bikes sit well on the holders and are nice and secure-strap for the first bike,and the arms hold bike 2 and 3 on well. Good adjustment, fits my mountain bike and my 4 year olds without a problem. Attachment to the towbar is a bit clunky using the spanner supplied to tighten,but for occasional use,it's not really an issue. Tilt function is good,giving plenty of clearance on our Outlander,although all the weight is transfer to the plastic lighting board when fully down...can see that cracking after a while? Pfjones were cheapest by a mile- delivery was super quick and free. For the money,I can't complain. We will use for holidays and occasional weekends. For more frequent users,maybe look at the higher range witter stuff
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I have a2 cycle witter carrier but would like to add a3rd is this possible

Asked by Steve | 27/02/2019, 09:44 | 1 answer(s)

Hi bought a Witter zx300 cycle carrier and 2 locking knobs to keep the bikes locked but require a locking knob to keep the carrier locked to the towbar are the same locking knobs used? Regards Jamie.

Asked by jamie hitchcock | 28/07/2015, 21:12 | 1 answer(s)

We are looking at the 3 bike witter cycle carrier what are the locking knobs for and will we need them?

Asked by Joanna wainwright | 21/09/2014, 20:01 | 1 answer(s)

Hi pf Jones I'm looking to but a 3-4 bike carrier to mount to a discovery 2 can you confirm this will fit ok? Thanks Gareth

Asked by Gareth hunt | 26/07/2015, 11:00 | 1 answer(s)