Volkswagen T5 Transporter 2003-2009 Westfalia Detachable Towbar

Technical Specifications

Electrics Coding :
Ball Type:
Detachable Type:
Automatic Vertical
Bumper Cuts :
Bypass Required :
Towing Weight Kg :
Nose Weight Kg :

Volkswagen T5 Transporter Van/MPV 2003-2009 Westfalia Detachable Towbar

Price includes VAT
Shipping Cost

Volkswagen T5 Transporter Van/MPV 2003-2009 Westfalia Detachable Towbar

inc. 4 Motion

exc. Rockton

Please order also from VW dealer: - bracket for towball: 7H0 804 897 A - tensioning belt: 7H0 867 749 Van (without back side windows) 10/09-:

To guarantee an optimal fit of the bumper it is necessary to mount: - 1x plastic rail 7H0 807 723 - 8x gasket 357 853 586 B - 8x Clip 7H0 897 299 01C


  • 1 Cross Bar
  • 1 Detachable Towball Neck
  • 1 Electric Socket Bracket
  • 6 M12x1.5x35 (10.9 Grade) Bolts
  • 2 Westfalia Keys
  • 1 Keyhole Cover
  • 1 Weather Cover Bung

Vertical detachable tow bar demonstration video

volkswagen t5 2003 2009 tow bar demo.

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Download fitting instructions here

More info on types of tow bars here

More info on tow bar electrics

N.B Includes Volkswagen Caravelle, Volkswagen Multivan

Excellent product and price
Great quality towbar, fitted easily and is exactly what i needed for my bike rack.
Great product .
Extremely easy to fit, very happy with it.
Westfalia towbar is very well engineered has the best load ratings of any detachable towbars for my van, electric kit excellent as plug and play.
Used the towbar to tow a car transporter trailer and car at the weekend, 800 miles round trip, outstanding piece of kit, better than witter towbars I have used in the past!
Hi needed tow bar before the bank holiday left it a bit last minute rang up on Tuesday explained I needed it for the bank holiday he said don't worry it will be Thera buy Friday and it was great company thank you ***
Good advise and a great quality product
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Hi, Can I fit a 7 pin 12 N universal kit to my 2008 t5 transporter without a bypass kit and coding? ( reg **** ***) It is for a bike rack only - no towing. Thankyou.... JW

Asked by Jim Wilson | 16/03/2018, 16:26 | 1 answer(s)

do you have a detachable tow bar for 2016 crafter van

Asked by Christopher Wright | 21/07/2017, 20:32 | 1 answer(s)

Hello Could you give me the shipping cost for france 51100 REIMS for 321 651 for transporter T5 2006 with sensor Cordialy

Asked by Bonnet | 21/04/2014, 09:55 | 1 answer(s)

I have been unable to get the turn handle to retract fully when fitting the tow hook to my vehicle this stops me being able to lock the tow hook in place what is the problem and how do I fix it???

Asked by John Davies | 20/04/2017, 17:32 | 1 answer(s)

I have just ordered a Westfalia VWT5 towbar from you. Is the foam filling piece to close the gap between the towbar and bumper included in the kit? If not, do you regard it as necessary, and do you supply separately?

Asked by Keith Roberts | 25/08/2016, 07:53 | 1 answer(s)

Hi does the T5 westfalia detachable towbar come with towball cover? thanks

Asked by ALAN JONES | 15/07/2015, 14:45 | 1 answer(s)

How can I identify wether my vehicle is "trailer prepared or not. It is Volkswagon Shuttle SE 1968cc 140bhp 29/02/2012. Looking to have towbar and 13 pin electrics fitted by yourselves.

Asked by Graham Court | 08/09/2015, 09:53 | 1 answer(s)