Which towbar electrics do I need?

What are tow bar electrics?

Tow bar electrics (or tow bar wiring kits) are the power connectors between the vehicle and the mechanism the vehicle is towing, whether that be a trailer, cycle carrier or caravan. Tow bar electrics allow the indicators, fog lights, tail lights and brake lights on the back of your towing counterpart to function while driving, making it safer on the roads for you to tow.


What are my options?

Depending on what you are towing, you will either need single 7 pin (12N), twin 7 pin (12N & 12S) or single 13 pin electrics.

7 pin, twin pin and 13 pin electrics are available as universal wiring kits and for most modern vehicles, dedicated wiring kits are available.

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Do I need dedicated or universal electrics?

We recommend dedicated electrics for any vehicle still under warranty as fitting universal wiring kits that do not specifically correspond with the vehicles electrical and wiring system will invalidate your manufacturer's warranty.

In most modern vehicles, a bypass relay s required when fitting universal kits to coordinate power between the vehicle and towing counterpart.

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Which tow bar electrics do I need?

Towbar electrics needed 7 Pin (12N) Twin (12N and 12S) 13 Pin
Towing purpose Trailers Caravans manufactured before September 2008 Caravans manufactured after September 2008 and European cycle carriers
Examples Boat Trailers
Trailer Boards
Cycle Carriers
Jet Ski Trailers
Motor Cycle
Trailer Tents
Caravan made before 2008 Caravans made after 2008, Westfalia Cycle Carriers ThuleCycle Carriers
Optional upgrades N/A Can already take any 7 pin towing item 13 pin to 7 pin adapter means can tow any of trailers section
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  • 7 Pin - If you are towing a trailer, cycle carrier or towing something that needs power to lighting functions only, you will need a universal or dedicated 7 pin (12N) electrics kit.


  • Twin Pin -If you are towing a caravan that was made/ manufactured before 2008 that needs power to the lighting functions as well as the onboard leisure battery, you will need twin pin (12N & 12S) universal or dedicated tow bar electrics.


  • 13 Pin - If you are towing a modern caravan made after 2008 that needs power to lighting functions and the onboard leisure battery you will need a universal or dedicated 13 pin electrics kit.


Can I upgrade/ change my electrics?

It is possible to switch from twin electrics to 13 pin electrics or 13 pin to 7 pin with the use of an adaptor available here

Need help?

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