TEC3M split charge relay

Towbar electrics Charge relay TEC3M

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Towbar electrics Charge relay TEC3M


Split charge relay

Wiring info as follows

12v Permanent fused live

0v Earth

2 Pin 2 in the 12s socket (grey)

6 Pin 6 in the 12 socket (grey)

4 Pin 4 in the 12s socket (grey)

High Output Combination Caravan Relay with automatic monitoring and switching of supply from car to caravan through double (split charge) relays.


  • Very compact but powerful efficient design, giving the largest output in the smallest package
  • Automatic monitoring of voltage and current availability from car’s alternator/battery
  • No separate signal wire necessary
  • Able to switch up to 30a continuously when available from car’s alternator/battery
  • Adjustable factory set voltage trip with narrow band hysteresis
  • Over temperature protection
  • Line voltage drop compensation
  • Low voltage drop (around 0.1v) at rated output
  • Very high quality micro miniature 30a relays
  • Fully snubbed for EMC compliance



Is a very simple device which manages charging a leisure battery from the vehicle electrics (alternator). Can be used for up to 30 Amp current, and is easy to install. Would be great if there was a whole for attaching this device with a screw to any installation. Since there is no such attachment provision, the relay only can be affixed with Velcro or double tape.
First class product direct replacement
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I have a Dacia duster with a euro 6 engine would a split relay work with this engine, I only need to have the fridge on in the caravan when towing as I use hookups,

Asked by Keith burke | 16/12/2016, 11:57 | 1 answer(s)

I'm running A TEC3M relay to power my fridge connected to a 15 plate Vauxhall Insignia while travelling . The problem is due to the charging circuit being a smart system when the battery reaches fully charged state the altenator charging is turned down and the battery voltage drops to 12.75 volts which turns off the relay , I can restore the fridge operation by turning on the head lights and loading up the altenator . Do you have a fix for this ? could I reset the trimmer to lower the threshold trigger voltage ? Thanks Joe Haynes

Asked by Joe Haynes | 27/07/2016, 12:59 | 1 answer(s)

Hi, We are looking to use your relay in a telematics solution where the run feed cannot be sourced on a vehicle. Please can you send me a datasheet for this product?

Asked by James McConnachie | 18/03/2016, 09:25 | 1 answer(s)

The current relay in the car starts bleeping ever 1.5 mnute I have checked it and it feels warm. When it is shut of for a while (fuse removed) it s ok for a while. Do you think it is the relay?

Asked by Gordon King  | 23/01/2016, 03:42 | 1 answer(s)

Hi, Please can you help? On the TEC3M Relay do I have to run 2 seperate fused wires from the battery to the 12v terminals. I require to charge the caravan battery and run the fridge. Regards Martin

Asked by M Lane | 17/08/2015, 21:01 | 1 answer(s)
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