Audi A4 Westfalia Vertical Detachable towbar

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Towbar:
Detachable Type:
Automatic Vertical
Model Exclusions:
RS4 or S4
Ball Type:
Bumper Cuts :
Non Visible
Bypass Required :
EC Approved :
Towing Weight Kg :
Nose Weight Kg :

Audi A4 Avant/Estate 2004-2008 Westfalia Detachable Tow Bar

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Audi A4 Avant/Estate  2004-2008 Westfalia Detachable TowBar

(inc. Quattro)

Vertical detachable tow bar demonstration video
Audi A4 Estate 2004 2008 tow bar demo.



  • 1 Tow bar crossmember
  • 1 Neck
  • 2 Keys
  • 1 Key slot dust cover
  • 1 Neck weather bung
  • 4 M10x105 bolts
  • 4 M8x25 bolts
  • 6 10.5x30x3 flat washers
  • 8 8.4x12.5x1.6 flat washers
  • 2 M10 nuts
  • 4 M8 nuts

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Good quality and straight forward fit
Correct tow bar as advised by the operator, good value and delivered on time, on the car and working as planned.
Once I figured out how to get around the differences between my US '06 Audi A-4 Avante and what Audi must have sold in the rest of the world, I have been very pleased with this tow bar. I do wish that I could have been better prepared for the rear bumper issues that arose due to buying a tow bar designed for the European version and putting it on an American version. I don't know whether PF Jones should have pursued this, as they seem to fairly routinely deal with US customers, or Westfalia should have known that there were issues with "identical" models going to different parts of the world, or if Audi should have made it clear to Westfalia and/or PF Jones.
Anyway, once I just removed the existing aluminum bumper and made a bumper cover support from a vinyl plank, I have been very happy with how the tow bar has performed.
This was important to me because in the US I could only find a class 1 hitch for my car and I feel that they are basically unsafe, and Audi rates the car for a class 2 hitch.
If it weren't for the lack of information about the rear bumper differences, I would have rated this bumper and the service from PF Jones as Excellent.
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