Alfa Romeo 156 Towbars

Alfa 156 Tow Bars

The Alfa Romeo is the alternative to the dull executive saloons and will therefore stand out from the crowd where those are concerned. Its bodywork was designed with a taste of its Italian heritage which gives it character. Although the 156 has been known for not being the most reliable vehicle, owners of it are usually the first to sing its praises. The Alfa Romeo 156 was fitted with a wide range of engines from a 1.6 T-Spark to a 3.2 V6. Its towing capacity is dependent on this and ranges from 1400kg to 1600kg which is a substantial amount for the vehicle to carry without faltering.

The 156 is known as one of Alfa’s more practical designs with the driving position being correct and comfortable. The Alfa 156 is attractive, drives well and provides top value; it attracts drivers after a sport saloon which can cater for a family when needed. It is a practical and sensible choice even if it is not always entirely reliable.

PF Jones stock tow bars for both the Alfa Romero 156 Saloon and the Alfa Romeo Estate. We offer a nationwide fitting service which can take place mobile or at a depot fit.