Jaw pin and ball

3.5t 1" Jaw, Pin and Ball Z82

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50MM BALL/PIN COUPLING e11*94/20*8119*00

  • Combined Ball & Pin Hitch
  • Commonly fitted to commercial vehicles to allow hitch or towing eye trailers to be towed
  • Approved to Reg 55 - please see technical tab
  • 2 x M16 mounting bolt fixing holes, 90mm centres
  • 24.5mm diameter
  • D Value = 20Kn
  • S Value = 350kg
  • Replacement pin & chain (MP494)
Does the job and good price
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Has the towbar for a peugeot 406 Code PG25A a four hole base plate and is the ball height adjustable

Asked by Daniel Ruane  | 21/01/2016, 06:17 | 1 answer(s)