Alko Ball & Cover

Alko tow ball and Cover

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( MAYPOLE )Alko Tow Ball and Cover

For use with ALKO style stabilisers

Pretty much what it says, tow ball and cover.
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I have identified the TF 0116 towbar for my Ford Mondeo Hatchback STtdci(2005-2007), but I am unsure as to the towball required. My caravan is on an ALKO chassis and I have a Bulldog stabiliser with a special plate that fits on the car. Do I need an ALKO tow ball??

Asked by Geoff Melotti | 08/04/2017, 15:03 | 1 answer(s)

The info on your page says the Thule velocompact 925 for 2 bikes won't fit a standard 500 MM tow ball . Does this mean I have to unbolt the tow ball every time I want to use the cycle carrier Also what ball would be fitted to a 2016 evoque this would be a fixed tow bar for a new car in september

Asked by Eddie | 01/08/2016, 12:18 | 1 answer(s)