What is Diesel Pump?

What is Diesel Pump – All About This Type of Engine

If you have found yourself wondering “what is diesel pump?” then look no further, as the answer is quite simple.  A diesel pump, which is usually referred to as a diesel fuel injection pump, is a somewhat complex mechanical piece of equipment.  It is the mechanism that is used to pump fuel from the fuel tank into the carburetor, so it does just as the name suggests.  While a diesel pump is responsible for pumping out diesel fuel, a fuel pump can also be responsible for pumping out gasoline, depending on the type of engine.  Both gasoline and diesel engines are internal combustion engines, which means they both have a mixture of air and fuel that is ignited to power the vehicle. However, that is where the similarities between the two end.

Still have questions regarding “what is diesel pump”?  Continue reading on for more information.  A diesel fuel injection pump is more critical to a diesel engine than a gasoline fuel pump is to a gas engine.  The main reason for this is that diesel is a much heavier and thicker fuel mixture than that of gasoline.  It is also not nearly as volatile as gasoline.  Since it is thicker and less volatile than gas, the need for a diesel pump is even greater, as unlike gas engines, diesel engines do not ignite the fuel mixture with a spark.  Diesel engines use compressed air, which creates heat, to ignite the fuel, which is why they do not need any spark plugs like gasoline engines require.

Don’t feel bad if you still have questions about “what is diesel pump”, as there is still much more to learn.  With a diesel engine, when the extremely compressed air and therefore, extremely hot air, contacts with the fuel inside of the cylinder, the fuel is then ignited.  On occasion, the air that is compressed can add to the injection as a booster, of sorts, to help speed the process along a bit faster.  Diesel pumps are known for their durability, as they must be much stronger than fuel pumps in gasoline engines since they are able to deal the pressure created by the compressed air.  They must also be able to handle the extreme heat created from the air compression.

Hopefully you have had all your questions about “what is diesel pump” answered.  Depending on who made and designed the diesel engine, a diesel fuel injection pump can be located pretty much anywhere.  A pump that is mounted directly on the engine will be able to provide diesel fuel into the cylinders.


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