Pop top roofs for campervans

A pop top roof is the most adaptable roof for a campervan; it stays down when travelling and is put up for when you are camping. No campervan is complete without a pop top roof which can provide you with an ultimate touring experience. The best thing about it, it’s easy to use. Just pop it open and within minutes you have extra space throughout your campervan. 

Why install a pop top roof

If you are a first time campervan owner, you may consider campervans to have constrained space but with a pop top roof there is increased headroom, making it spacious and practical, especially for tall individuals. By adding a pop top roof to your van, you can create more living and sleeping space in your campervan, a perfect option for a family of 4. As the roof is raised, the beds can also be moved up, providing you with increased cab space to fit all your travelling accessories and luggage or even an extra adult can sleep right at the top. Most people adopt a caravan lifestyle for the breathtaking views of nature. Well, with a pop top roof, you can enjoy views even more through the mesh windows, while you watch the sun go down in the comfort of your indoor space.   

Types of pop top roofs

We fit two types of pop top roofs for campervans; SCA and Austops. All roofs can be colour coordinated to match your van with a solid or metallic colour.


SCA is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality sleeper roofs, pop up roofs and high roofs for vans. The roofs are characterised by their advanced engineering and excellent quality. SCA roofs cover the common base vehicles from Volkswagen, Mercedes, Renault, Peugeot, Citroën, Fiat and Ford. In particular, SCA pop top roofs have gained keen interest from VW T5/T6 owners. SCA offers three design classes of roofs including the established SCA start and SCA comfort roofs for short and long wheelbase vehicles and the additional SCA high roof class for short - wheelbase vehicles. Although the SCA pop top roofs are costly, the roofs come with added benefits. For example, a unique feature of the SCA roofs is that they are flat, therefore they can be lifted up at an angle at the front or rear. What makes them really convenient and useful in day to day driving, is that when closed they only add just a few centimetres to the height of your campervan. This is very practical when driving in multi-level car parks and garages with height restrictions within two metres.

SCA roof closed SCA roof open 
Benefits of a SCA roof
  • Has the option of a panoramic canvas
  • Mesh windows can be unzipped only on a panoramic canvas
  • Higher lift at the rear for more headroom
  • Strong locking mechanism when roof is opened and closed
Things to consider before purchasing a SCA roof
  • SCA roofs are priced premium
  • Does not shut as neatly as the Austops roof


Austops are a UK based roof company that have a good reputation for quality and affordability. Austops roofs are available for VW, Renault, Vauxhall and Nissan. Similar to the SCA, they only add a few inches to the overall height when not elevated, making it practical when driving in to car parks.

Austops roof closed Austops roof open
Benefits of an Austops roof
  • Best value for money in the market
  • Roof closes neatly
Things to consider before purchasing an Austops roof
  • Has straps as closing mechanisms, not as strong as the SCA roof
  • Does not shut as neatly as the Austops roof


We recommend the SCA pop top roof for a short-wheel based vehicle and the Austops pop top roof if your budget is limited.