Planar - Rheostat Controller PU-5

Planar - Rheostat Controller PU-5

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Planar - Rheostat Controller PU-5

This control panel is suitable with all PLANAR air heaters 12V and 24V.

The following are located on the front of the panel:

  • Ventilation mode on/off button
  • Heater on/off button
  • Potentiometer knob


There are 3 operating modes for this controller:

“Power” (if the interior sensor is not connected)

  • designed for quickest possible heating of the space
  • the heater operates continuously at a set power

"Temperature” (if the interior sensor is connected)

  • designed to heat the space to the required temperature
  • heat output decreases as the difference between the desired temperature and the temperature in the space decreases


  • designed for air circulation in the space

“Ventilation during heating” function (if the interior sensor is connected)

  • designed to maintain the required temperature in the space
  • after the required temperature is reached, the space heating is stopped and space air circulation is performed
  • controls the space temperature; if the temperature drops below the set point, the heater will start in heating mode

The LED at the top of the controller indicates the heater status:

  • yellow light - heating mode
  • fast blinking yellow – during purging
  • slowly blinking red - in case of malfunction
  • off - heater is not operational

The LED at the bottom of the controller indicates the ventilation mode status:

  • green light - interior sensor is not connected and heater operates in ventilation mode
  • green blink - ventilation mode off
  • yellow light - the interior sensor is connected and the heater operates in heating mode with ventilation function
  • off - heater is not operational, with ventilation mode off


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