LED Directional Multi Mount - 12/24v - ED3701A

LED Directional Multi Mount - 12/24v - ED3701A

0.9 amps
Amber (Single or Split Colour)
L 120mm x H 31mm x D 13mm
Surface Mount
USD $ 749.39
Price includes VAT
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LED Directional Multi Mount - 12/24v - ED3701A

The ED3701 directional LEDs are bright and versatile warning lights that are suited to a wide variety of applications. Their ultra-low profile makes them easy to install virtually anywhere on a vehicle. Models offer wide angle optics and multiple flash patterns, including synchronisation with other units for simultaneous or alternating operation. ED3701 models feature 6 LEDs and are available in either single colour or split colour configurations (3 LEDs of each colour).

Features and Benefits

• Six or 12 high-intensity LEDs
• Ultra low-profile
• ED3701: single or split colour options
• ED3702: dual colour warning
• Single and split colour models feature 13 flash patterns with 29 modes
• Dual colour models feature 12 flash patterns with 62 modes
• Synchronisable
• Die cast base, polycarbonate lens
• Surface mount
• R65, R10 Approved
• Temperature Range: -30ºC to +50ºC


Voltage 12-24
Amps 0.8
Flash Pattern 13
Approval SAE Class I, Cal. Title 13, R10, R65
Warranty 3 Year
Operating Temperature -30ºC to +50ºC


At ECCO Safety Group we know that the fleet industry is the lifeline that feeds the vital organs of our economy. Vans deliver parcels to homes and businesses, take recovery services to people in need, transport plumbers to our houses and so much more. 

ECCO Safety Group offers an extensive line of safety solutions that are ideally suited to fleet vehicles. The range comprises of high intensity LED warning lights to provide a hazard signal to approaching drivers, while our worklamps ensure that even in the lowest visibility, operators can clearly see what they are doing. ECCO Safety Group’s reversing safety solutions include back-up alarms to warn other road users and pedestrians of a reversing vehicle, while the camera systems assist the driver in avoiding obstacles in their blind spots.

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