Eberspacher Airtronic Kits

Brilliant company i needed a D4 airtronic heater for my boat and i spoke to the sales team about it and they suggested i get a D5 airtronic because my narrowboat i 50ft long.It was approx £350.00 more expensive but my word the D5 airtronic is way better and i am toasty warm on even the coldest night on my boat,i am also going to buy a D2 Airtronic for my van so my van is warm when i get back from surfing speak to you soon guys
Bought the Eberspacher Airtonic D2 , item arrived the next day,I am not the best technically mind person, So when I encountered a problem during fitting and rang to see if any PF Jones could give me any advice, Lee was excellent and guided past my problem in under 10 minutes I had spent all morning trying to do this, The Airtronic is amazing my van is piping hot every morning and I have noticed a saving on my fuel bill due to not having to run the engine when idling.
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