How to us a Witter detachable swan neck

A Witter Detachable Swan Neck can be removed when not in use and be attached using a secure locking mechanism.

As for the housing that will be permanently fitted to the towbar, it’s fastened in place using two bolts either side. Before you attach your Witter removable neck, you must make sure you have unlocked it with a key and that it is in a charged state ready for firing into the locking mechanism.

In its charged state, the neck should look like this; the key barrel should be on the left hand side, the inside pin should be sticking out and the top main pin should be down. If your neck isn’t charged, the key barrel would be on the right hand side with the little pin sticking inwards and the main pin at the top of the neck sticking up.

To charge the neck, you need to push down hard on the blue knob and turn it 180 degrees clockwise. Be aware that they can sometimes be very stiff. If you can only turn it 90 degrees clockwise, then it probably hasn’t been pushed in far enough. You need to push it all the way down before it will allow you to turn.

Once it is charged, your towbar neck is ready to attach into the housing. The locking mechanism will fire and it will be securely attached into the towbar. When it is securely in place, the blue locking knob will be vertical and then you can lock it in place with the key.

To remove the neck, make sure it is unlocked and then push down hard and turn the blue locking knob 90 degrees and take the neck off carefully.

Finally, you can leave your neck in its charged state so it is ready to go the next time you tow. If it discharges at any point, just repeat these steps.