How to Remove a Ford Transit Diesel Pump

How to a remove a Ford Transit diesel pump

Instructions will vary depending on the make and the manufacturer of the Diesel Pump
We have provided instructions here on how to remove the 4 main diesel pump manufacturers pump.

How to remove a Ford Transit Diesel Fuel Pump 2.0, 2.4 Duratorq engine VP30 VP44

How to remove a Denso Diesel Pump

How to remove a Xexel Diesel Pump
Should you have a diesel pump manufactured by anyone else please call and we wil be only happy to advise you
For more information on getting the diesel pump number please see here


Warning these instruction are for the above mentioned vehicles only! Diesel pump removal for other vehicles will be different, Removing a diesel pump can be a complicated task, if you are not mechanically minded we highly recommend taking to your local garage and letting them do the job. This information is for reference only

Tools you will need to remove a Diesel pump

Spanners  17mm 19mm

Sockets 8mm 10mm (1 quarter drive ) 15mm (1 half drive) 13mm Ratchet 1 quarter and 1 half drive


1 quarter drive extension bar

1 half drive extension bar

T40 Torx bit

T45 Torx bit

1 Flat blade screw driver

1 Timing kit Sealy


1 Remove the engine inlet manifold ( 10mm ,1 quarter drive )

2 Remove the fuel pump to injector pipes x 4 ( 17mm Spanner )

3 Remove fuel pump inlet supply pipe (screw driver)

4 Remove fuel pump return pipe. (screw driver)

5 Remove all electrical connections off the fuel pump, taking extra care not to damage any of the plugs or cables.

6 Remove the fuel pump support bracket at the rear of the diesel pump at the rear of the fuel pump which is also connected to the engine block .(10mm Socket and a 13mm Socket)

7Remove the alternator drive belt and check for any cracks and damage, if there is any cracks or damage replace the alternator drive belt on refitting.

8 Remove the pulley which is located near the timing inspection cover (15mm socket)

9 Remove the crankshaft timing sensor from the gearbox taking care not to damage (8mm socket)

10 Turn the engine by putting a socket on the crankshaft bolt till the pin slides into the locating hole ( 15mm, Socket Timing kit)

11 You should now be able to put a second timing pin into the fuel pump timing locating hole.

12 Remove the 3 Torx screws holding the diesel pump to the engine (T45) Timing kit part

13 Put the timing tool into the timing inspection cover hole and insert two pins to support timing chain gear and hold in place.

14 Remove the 4 bolts 10mm from the fuel pump drive gear, The diesel pump should now come off , You can now fit your replacement or have it tested and repaired as necessary.

One very important thing to check before sending your diesel pump for testing is that the garage has the facilities to test the pump on site, otherwise you will paying extra them to simply send the diesel pump elsewhere for testing.

Here at Diesel Jones we have a full diesel repair workshop with the very latest state of the art diesel testing equipment, we have one of the largest stock of replacement diesel pumps and diesel injectors anywhere in the world, We are fully approved by the big four diesel parts manufacturers Bosch, Denso, Delphi and Siemans, beware of self proclaimed diesel specialists.


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