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eberspacher temperature kit

Eberspacher Remote Temperature Sensor Kit

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Eberspacher Remote Temperature Sensor Kit


This sensor kit is required when the heater intake air is being drawn from a different location than is being heated, it enables the heater unit to register the air temperature independantly of its internal temperature sensor.

The sensor comes with a 2m cable.

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Is this remote temp sensor compatible with the Airtronic D2 and a EasyStart 7 Day Timer? By that i mean will the heater heat to the desired set temperature based on the reading at the remote location sensor instead of the heater intake temp sensor, and will the East Start controller display show the current temperature from the remote sensor location and not that of the intake heater sensor?

Asked by J Want | 13/02/2018, 09:37 | 1 answer(s)

I have a heater sensor, but my heater goes for about 20mins then it shuts down but does not come on again it is 12v and is in a ex uvg ambulance

Asked by Malcolm | 29/11/2016, 13:51 | 1 answer(s)