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Eberspacher Airtronic D2L Motorhome kit with 802 Modulator

Eberspacher Airtronic D2L Motorhome kit with 802 Modulator

Electrical Power Consumption (W):
min-8 max-34
Diesel Fuel Consumption (l/h):
min-0.10 max-0.28
Mounting position:
Heater type:
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This kit includes everything required to install a D2L heater kit with an 802 Modulator/controller into a Motorhome specific kit, including a, floor mounting plate, exhaust silencer, ducting, vents/grilles and all fixings.

We also stock other kits to be mounted externally underneath the vehicle if space is limited and they are also offered with an 802 Modulator controller.

Complete kit contents;

  • Latest Generation Eberspacher Airtronic S2 D2L 12V
  • Eberspacher 802 Modulator
  • Almost silent Fuel Pump 12v
  • Warranty & Technical Info Booklet, which includes;
  • Warranty Documentation
  • Service Schedule
  • Installation Checklist
  • Installation Information
  • Operating Instruction Book
  • Technical data & CD
  • Complete Electrical Wiring Harness with all required connections.
  • Please note - Wiring harness cannot be altered in any way.
  • Latest upgraded blue fuel pipe 5m
  • 60mm APK Ducting - 0.80m and 0.50m Length
  • 60mm Airtronic Outlet Hood
  • 60mm Air Outlet
  • 60mm Outlet Connector
  • Grille for 60mm outlet connector
  • 60mm Ducting Clip - 50-70mm x 2
  • 24mm ID Exhaust Pipe - 2m
  • Exhaust Silencer
  • 24mm Exhaust End Cap
  • Exhaust Clamp x 3
  • Exhaust P Clip x 2
  • Fixing Bolts, Screws & Clips for mounting
  • Combustion Air Pipe - 500mm x 25mm ID
  • Combustion Air Pipe End Cap
  • Fuel Pump Holder
  • Fuse Holder Kit inc Fuses
  • Internal Floor Mounting Plate

Fuel Sender/Standpipe kit not included view our range of Eberspacher vehicle specific fuel senders
Eberspacher Airtronic D2L Motorhome kit with 802 Modulator/controller Silencer 12v

Eberspacher Heater Kit
D2L Airtonic Air Heater 12v Diesel
Eberspacher UK offers a 36-month warranty on heaters, only officially authorised Eberspacher UK dealers to offer this warranty.
PF Jones is an officially authorised Eberspacher UK dealer.

Please be aware of counterfeit dealers. Unofficial Eberspacher dealers are operating on eBay, to ensure you are buying from a genuine Eberspacher dealer check the original official warranty paperwork is included.

N.B. Purchases made from unofficial Eberspacher Dealers DO NOT have a warranty with Eberspacher UK.
Before purchasing an Eberspacher heater on Ebay, please be aware of the following:
- Only officially authorised Eberspacher UK dealers are permitted to sell their heaters. Always check the official registered dealers list before making your purchase. Eberspacher Official Dealer List

- Any Ebay seller not offering a 36 month warranty is NOT an authorised Eberspacher dealer and therefore is a counterfeit product.
- Avoid any imported kits that are being sold in the UK who only offer warranty claims after the heater is removed and returned. All heaters purchased through the dealer network can be taken in serviced or repaired by the dealer. You will not need to remove the heater yourself.
- An Eberspacher UK warranty is only valid when purchases are made through official dealers.
To make sure you are purchasing from an officially authorised Eberspacher Dealer use PF Jones.
Pf Jones stock a large range of parts and accessories. A technical support team and fully trained fitting technicians who can fit, repair and service your heater are also available.


Airtronic demonstration video

View this eberspacher demo.

Airtronic internal workings


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