Diesel Injector Common Faults

Common rail diesel injectors are a vital component within the diesel common rail system, responsible for delivering an exact amount of diesel fuel, at high pressure, with precision timing. It is therefore essential that any fault within a diesel common rail injector is rectified immediately.
This is highly specialised repair activity on diesel common rail injectors, we advise to seek a manufacturer approved diesel repair centre.
Contamination in the common rail injector, caused by even the most minute foreign particle can lead to your diesel common rail injector to fail or perform below stringent specifications.

Common rail injectors have many vital parts within them. If any of these become worn then the performance of the engine will be greatly reduced.

A common fault is from contamination or by general wear and tear, as the nozzle can become blocked with carbon or foreign matter. This is a common problem if alternative fuel has been used. Once the diesel injectors nozzle becomes blocked no fuel passes through to the combustion chamber within the engine. If one of your injectors has a blocked nozzle your vehicle would develop a knocking noise or lack of power. If you had all your injectors nozzles blocked full of carbon or foreign matter your vehicle would not run.
Another common fault by contamination or wear and tear over time is that the pilot valve within the common rail injector gets worn which causes your injector to back-leak which causes your vehicle to stall, run rough, have lack of power and eventually not run.
When doing a repair to a diesel common rail injector the sealing rings should always be changed as they harden over-time and can cause leaks
Repairs on Bosch, Diesel, Denso, Siemens common rail injectors should only be performed by Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens approved diesel agents with the latest test equipment. Companies who are not approved diesel agents of Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens often cut corners on repairs and do not use genuine replacement parts.



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