Nissan Primastar Campervan Conversions

We offer a range of services for Nissan Primastar vans to be converted into your brand new campervan.

Our campervans are designed and manufactured by our in house team of dedicated specialists, their attention to detail and eye for design are what makes our range of campervan services the best.

The Nissan Primastar was built under a joint venture between the Renault Nissan Alliance and General Motors meaning it shares its body work with two other vehicles; the Renault Trafic and Vauxhall Vivaro. The Primastar is available in six body styles including short/long wheelbase with low/high roof options with both. The vehicle is available in both commercial options and passenger including two passenger options up to six seats and differing load spaces.

The Primastar is an excellent option of campervan conversion as it provides a good base to begin work on, unlike other vehicles there are two passenger seats in the front which means that unless the intention is to remove one of the seats there is not a way to pass seamlessly from the front passenger seat into the back. The seats can be removed completely and rotating ones can be fitted in order to create ease of movement. It is possible within this vehicle to maintain seating for 6 passengers if this van is going to be used as a day van or for travelling for bigger camping families, however would only support sleeping for 4. The Nissan Primastar is a cheaper option for a campervan conversion because there isn’t a huge amount of work that needs to be completed on it before assuring it is road ready.

Take a look at our Ready to Buy Camper range; these have been sourced from approved Nissan dealerships.

You can also request a brand new conversion with our Bespoke Conversion service, you tell us exactly what you want in your camper and we’ll do our best to accommodate. You can choose all the interior cabinet finishes, work tops, trims, and colours of carpeting and floor coverings. As well as many additional features including parking sensors, high lift elevating roofing and convertible beds.

If neither of these options to convert your Primastar is for you, and you would like to convert it yourself – we can help you out there too with our Campervan Part Conversion services. Take advantage of our knowledge and equipment, by using this service to install a SCA high lift elevating roof or even Eberspacher heating systems. We understand that installing speciality conversion parts can be difficult even for the handiest of DIYers, which is why we offer this stage conversion service.

If you have any special requirements please get in touch and we'll our best to accommodate.

Take a look at our introduction brochure below and fill out the enquiry form to contact the conversion team.