Bespoke Campervan Conversions

Our Bespoke Campervan Conversion Service

Spacious, comfortable and personalised – everything you will need for your home on four wheels can be created using our bespoke conversion service. You can either bring a base van to us or let us source one for you and have it converted using your vision and desires. Whether its special features like an onboard computer or plenty of storage, talk to us and let us help build your dream camper.

Every bespoke campervan made by our specialist team is manufactured to the highest level of quality. We work hard to develop new and innovative ways to increase the quality of our campervans to ensure that you have a long lasting and beautiful home on the road.

We treat every bespoke campervan conversion as a blank canvas. Any ideas you have to make an empty standard van your own are welcome; we will do everything we can to help you make your own bespoke campervan conversion. We use the latest technology to create the designs and templates for a standard conversion in house which allows us to play around with the design to make your campervan personalised and unique. For example, if you love to cook, we can look into fitting a grill/ oven as well as a hob and sink, or if you know you’re going to need a lot of storage space, we will look into arranging the layout of your camper to optimise cupboards and hideaway storage.

Options to Choose

We want to give you complete control. You get to decide the make and model of the van, whether that be a Volkswagen T6 or a Mercedes Citan – we can supply the van for you or you can even bring us van to convert.


If you have any special requirements please get in touch and we'll our best to accommodate.

Take a look at our introduction brochure below and fill out the enquiry form to contact the conversion team.