Bosch Diesel Agent

Approved Bosch Diesel Agent

Bosch Diesel Agent

PF Jones are a Bosch Diesel Centre, This means we are one of only a handful of companies supplied with genuine parts, equipment, servicing data and training from Bosch. Bosch are the one of the world's largest manufacturer of diesel injection systems.

We utilise some of the most advanced diesel servicing equipment in the world. We are constantly investing in new diesel test equipment, this ensures we stay on the cutting edge of diesel servicing and we offer a wide range of expert and cost-effective diesel repair and support services.

Diesel repair services we offer include

  •   Mechanical diesel fuel pump testing and repair.
  •   Electronic Bosch diesel fuel pump testing and repair.
  •   Bosch Common Rail Pumps testing and repair.
  •   Common Rail Injectors testing and repair.
  •   Diesel vehicle diagnostics.
  •   Diesel Injector testing.

As a Bosch Diesel Service Centre, PF Jones Ltd can provide service or repair to the exact same standards that the parts would leave the Bosch Factories. We offer all this at the most competitive rates. We have a full diesel repair workshop offering removal and fitting of diesel pumps and diesel injectors. We also offer full overhaul/reconditioning facility to manufacturers OEM specifications.

All our diesel pumps and diesel injectors are offered on exchange basis, you send us your old unit and we send you a manufacturer approved repaired Bosch Diesel Pump or Bosch Diesel Injectors. This not only reduces the cost apposed to buy new but is also better for the environment.

Proud to be part of Bosch Diesel Agent network

We have access to very latest setting for all Diesel Pumps and Diesel Injectors, Large stocks of brand new spare parts supplied direct from Bosch , We confirm to Boschs high standards to be a part of the Bosch Diesel Agent network.