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High Fuel Efficiency

Due to brushless motor design, also super quiet running.

Low Cost Spare Parts

Because buying replacement parts should not cost a fortune.

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Trailer/Towing Prepration

Planar Fault Codes

List of the fault codes displayed on controllers.

Planar fault codes

About Planar Heaters

Planar Air Heater products are small diesel fueled heaters that are manufactured by heating experts and established company Autoterm. These heaters are most popularly used on campervans, motorhomes, boats and also planes.  

Until recently, if you wanted a diesel heater, then you only had a couple of companies to choose from. Chinese companies entered the market around eight years ago, we tested a few of these heaters and found the quality to be a problem, not something you want with a diesel heater.
We then tested a Planar heater from the company called Autoterm, who is the official representative for the autonomous heater manufacturer Advers in European countries. Advers is the third-largest manufacturer of autonomous heaters in the world. They manufacturer a wide range of air and liquid heaters for vehicles, boats and yachts.
Advers is a Russian company, whose primary market was the former Soviet (USSR) military vehicles, with the fall of communism the company, began to produce heaters that could be used in none military vehicles. Russian winters are well known for being some of the harshest on earth, if the heaters can pass the test in Russia, it is safe to say they can pass most other countries winters.
Advers is well-known for producing high quality and fairly priced products. These tend to better on their competitor's products, with respect to product service life, safety, quality, operating costs and other essential factors.
All Advers products offered on the European market are made in accordance with the effective legislation of European countries and the European Union as well as certified by the relevant European institutions.
Autoterm has established a network of authorised resellers and service centres, throughout the EU, this ensures that the products can be serviced and any warranties upheld, by a network of trained professionals.

Beware, many Chinese companies call their heaters, Planar heaters, Planar is the brand name and not a style of heater, only heaters sold through an official Autoterm distributor are real Planar heaters

Planar heater mobile controller

Control remotely via your
iOS or Android smartphone

(remote control modem sold seperately)