Armaplate Sentinel Lock

Armaplate Sentinel Lock

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Armaplate Sentinel Lock

The Armaplate Sentinel is flagship product, offering you the ultimate level of security for your vehicle.
Whether a fleet-operator or an owner-driver, this is the product for you if you carry valuable cargo or if you cannot afford to have your vehicle off the road for a single day!
The Sentinel effectively provides a barrier of 3 layers of steel to protect the lock mechanism from attack.
This is a FIT & FORGET device which requires no input from the driver and there’s no extra keys to manage.

Simple and effective…

Thieves attack van lock mechanisms by piercing the doorskin with nothing more than a small screwdriver!  It literally takes seconds to break in.
Armaplate Sentinel protects the vulnerable areas surrounding the locks with a stainless-steel exterior plate which is bolted through the steel doorskin and then through an even larger steel backing plate.
*****  Please leave the vehicle details and which door you would like it to fit when you check out online, in the notes section  *****
***** Not Suitable for Left Hand Drive models *****
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USD $ 105.32

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