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S2 D2L Airtronic kit 12 Volt

Technical Specifications

Electrical Power Consumption (W):
min-8 max-34
Diesel Fuel Consumption (l/h):
min-0.10 max-0.28
Mounting position:
Heater type:

Eberspacher Airtronic S2 D2L Heater kit 12v

Easystart Select Controller Easystart 7 Day Timer Controller 701 7 Day Timer Controller
USD $ 1,073.45
Price includes VAT
Shipping Cost
The new and improved Eberspacher Airtronic S2 D2L is an upgrade on the long serving Airtronic D2 heater.

Eberspacher have looked to increase both the service life of the heaters as well as reducing both the running costs and the noise produced by the heaters when in use. They have done this by using the latest generation of brushless motors and by replacing the previous fuel pumps with a new improved silent one.

  •     Diesel air heater producing 2.2 kW heating power.
  •     Automatic continuous interior temperature.
  •     Comes with the new EasyStart Pro Controller
  •     Low operating Noise
Benefits of the new Airtronic S2 Include;

  •     Interfaces: CAN, LIN (only 12 V), S+

    Uses the pioneering Eberspächer CAN bus technology, run your heater with the new EasyStart Pro

  •     Brushless motor

    A new brushless motor has extended the service life to 5,000 hours, as well as reducing heater noise.

  •     Use of the latest EasyStart Pro and EasyStart Web control units
    Diagnostics and parameter assignment via EasyScan
    Easy to understand fault reporting via the EasyStart Pro panel, no more looking up fault codes.

  •     Starting capability down to –46 °C

    No need to preheat the cabin with the vehicles heater, starts in the most coldest of enviroments.

  •     Stepless heating performance control

    Automatic continuous interior temperature control with temperature pre-selection.

  •     Noise emissions reduced

    Use of acoustically improved metering pump no more clicking noise from the fuel pump found on the old Airtronic units.

  •     Integrated altitude sensor:

    - Automatic altitude adjustment up to 3,000 m- Optimized combustion

    Complete kit contents;

  •         Latest Generation Eberspacher Airtronic S2 D2L 12V
  •         Eberspacher 802 controller
  •         Almost silent Fuel Pump 12v
  •         Warranty & Technical Info Booklet, which includes;
  •         Warranty Documentation
  •         Service Schedule
  •         Installation Checklist
  •         Installation Information
  •         Operating Instruction Book
  •         Technical data & CD
  •         Complete Electrical Wiring Harness with all required connections (5m)
  •         Heater to Controller - 5m
  •         Heater to Battery Connections - 2.6m
  •         Heater to Fuel Metering Pump - 2.0m
  •         Please note - Wiring harness cannot be altered in anyway.
  •         Latest upgraded blue fuel pipe - 4x1
  •         60mm APK Ducting - 1 x 1m Length
  •         60mm Airtronic Outlet Hood
  •         60mm Directional Air Outlet w/ bracket
  •         60mm Outlet Connector
  •         Grille for 60mm outlet connector
  •         60mm Ducting Clip - 50-70mm x 2
  •         24mm ID Exhaust Pipe - 0.5m
  •         24mm Exhaust End Cap
  •         Exhaust Clamp x 1
  •         Exhaust P Clip x 2
  •         Fixing Bolts, Screws & Clips for mounting
  •         Combustion Air Pipe - 500mm x 25mm ID
  •         Combustion Air Pipe End Cap
  •         Fuel Pump Holder
  •         Fuse Holder Kit inc Fuses


12 volt only.

Genuine Eberspacher UK heater kit including 2 years manufacturer UK warranty from the date of purchase.



These heater kits come with a dedicated CANBUS wiring loom which CANNOT be modified/altered in anyway without prior written instructions from Eberspacacher UK
USD $ 1,461.44
USD $ 1,032.95
USD $ 1,012.69
Installed on our canal boat home, in December after the old heater " another brand" finally gave up. Although this did not fit in within our tight budget, we have not been cold since. Great for cold nights when the thermostat runs the heater, I have not seen the "super cold can see your own breath" since we installed this.

Staff were excellent and offered a wealth of help and advice when it came to fitting this unit. Would purchase from again.


The best reliably money can buy
Easy ordering process, fast delivery, hassle free transaction.

Started to fit the heater was unsure on the fitting, contacted the sales team and was put in touch with Steve from the tech department. Steve had talked me through the issue in under 5 minutes. Heater is now fitted and working problem free, recent camping trip we had the luxury of a warm camper all night.

Support when it mattered.

Thank you for he excellent service.
Great bit of kit, purchased after the heater fitted to our camper failed. Wow can tell the difference with this new unit, was cold outside but we sat happily in summer clothes. The product knowledge of the team was outstanding, tech support also advised when I was stuck with the fitting. Would buy from again, thank you for excellent easy transaction.
Made the mistake of buying a second hand " fully working " Airtronic off junkbay, it didnt work. Thankfully I was refunded in full. Purchased from here and delivery was super fast and glad to say " you do certainly get what you pay for "

Took the best part of two days for me to fit it, but the end result is a super toasty warm camper van, even the wife thinks my DIY campervan is the business now.

Very good, all the bits and pieces needed to install.
Everything fine, the item is conforming the order, more than this I had a problem with the delivery due to the courier, and the PFJones employee Mr Phil help me out to solve it promply. Thank you
Good product. does what it supposed to do
Does exactly as described, good quality
Easy to install,economical,low power usage,good bit of kit this
v/good service and price.
Easy ordering, easy fitting resulting in a wonderful warm boat. Heaven.
Heater installation was straight forward, all connectors, wires, clips etc were present, and best of all it worked first time.

Fantastic result with my camper van now ready to take on the winter ... bring it on !!!
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Good afternoon: I need to replace my old airtronic S2 D2L. He is over 20 years old. You can help by telling me the cost of: ** Eberspacher S2 D2L Airtronic self regulating heater with electronic controls. ** Eberspacher heater 252069050000 type. ** 801 Modulator with temperature regulation. ** Fuel metering pump. Thanks in advance.

Asked by Fernando Baena Martín | 14/02/2017, 18:12 | 1 answer(s)

Hi I,m heading off to the arctic soon . Will I be able to run the heater all night and not have a flat battery in the morning .? Many thanks Chris

Asked by Chris | 24/11/2016, 12:17 | 1 answer(s)

Hi. Looking to buy a S2 D2L. I have a 2008 Renault Trafic conversion. Do I need to tap into my fuel tank or can I get the fuel supply directly by tapping into a fuel line ?

Asked by Andrew hall  | 13/11/2016, 10:26 | 1 answer(s)

Hi. Can the S2 D2L Airtronic be safely installed under a vehicle and are any additional precautions needed to protect it?

Asked by Tom Arrowsmith | 01/10/2016, 09:57 | 1 answer(s)

Hi. I have a auto symbol campervan with a airtronic heater works find when the van is on a electric hock up, on the battery it fires up but dose not but then shuts down,as if the flame is not maintained so it shuts its self down. any ideas. Regards Alan

Asked by alan marginson | 12/09/2016, 12:40 | 3 answer(s)

Hi guys, i notice from your webpage that you offer nationwide fitting, does this apply to your Eberspacher S2 D2L heater unit, if so what is the fitted , all inclusive price, i am based in North wales. Thanks

Asked by Andy | 26/03/2016, 20:49 | 3 answer(s)

What is included or needed for the marine version, and how much? My boat 34ft and 2 outlets

Asked by Richard | 23/09/2014, 07:13 | 1 answer(s)

Hi are these UK registered heaters ? I read somewhere that heaters not supplied by eberspacher UK are not covered by the warranty is that correct ?

Asked by John | 17/02/2015, 14:41 | 1 answer(s)

As regards the S2 D2L Can be installed safely underneath my old vw campervan? Im interested in the remote control option ie: iphone, is this an optional extra for the kit? And would it still include a gard wired stat incase the iphone had no signal etc etc? Thanks gary

Asked by Gary | 15/12/2014, 20:29 | 0 answer(s)

Hi, Can you please tell me the model number for this heater unit? Cheers John

Asked by john | 06/12/2014, 16:55 | 1 answer(s)

Morning, Re eperspacher S2 D2L. Please can you advise the length of the wiring from the controller to the heater and also the length of the ducting provided. And the corresponding per /m cost for each item if I needed additional lengths. Thanks T

Asked by david down | 05/11/2014, 07:55 | 1 answer(s)