Servicing your eberspacher heater

Eberspacher recommended service schedule


Service schedule for all eberspacher airtronic and hydronic heaters

 PF Jones eberspacher approved dealer and repair centre Every month Every 6 months Every 12 months
Remove glow plug and inspect for carbon build up or damage to the heating coils, Clean and/or replace   eberspacher servicing manchester eberspacher servicing stoke
 Clean fuel screen in glow plug port with a soft brass brush.(Note position of screen proir to removal).                eberspacher servicing wales  eberspacher servicing northwest
 Check for blocked or damaged ducting and rectify or replace as required.    eberspacher repairs  eberspacher service schedule
 Inspect intake and outlet grilles for blockages; also inspect intake fan blades for any restriction.  eberspacher repairs  
 Check electrical connections, including main 16amp fuse holder, for security, build up of verdi gris or corrosion.    eberspacher repairs manchester  eberspacher on site repair
 Spray exposed electrics and in heater area (only where applicable).    eberspacher repair  eberspacher servicing
 Check heater box or enclosure for damage or water ingress (inly where applicable)      
 Check for blocked or damaged exhaust tube.      
 Check for blocked or damaged combustion air tube.      
 Test fire heater and check for correct operation on all three operating modes.      
 Check exhaust colour as a guide for carbon build-up.      
 Check heater delayed shut down time (180 seconds after switching off).      
 Check all fuel lines and connections for security and abutments; also ensure there are no fuel leaks.      
Remove fuel metering pump filter and replace.      
 Remove all dirt and corrosion from fuel metering pump; smear pump, including lucar terminals, with waterproof grease. Are the rubber boots fitted? if not replace.  

Check fuel metering pump for correct delivery of fuel as shown in D1L'C' Troubleshooting and repair manual (service station only).



 Important: The heater exchange must be replaced after 10 years of service.


 Note: It advisable that the 6 month/annual service is carried out by an approved Eberspacher Agent, We are an eberspacher approved agent with depots in Manchester, Stoke, and Wigan.


 We also do mobile fits or repairs, Covering the whole of Northwest as well as Wales.


 Servicing eberspachers on canal boats, yachts,motorhomes,campervans, commercial vehicles, also domestic vehilcles.

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