Eberspacher Hydronic water heaters for diesel vehicles

So you not only want to heat the passenger compartment, but also the fresh water and to keep the windows clear as well? Then you should decide for an Eberspächer Hydronic water heater

The most important advantages summarized

  • Pleasant cosy warmth in the passenger compartment
  • Constant hot water for washing and showering
  • More safety by clear windows and a clear view
  • The engine reaches its operating temperature faster after starting.
  • Space saving installation under the floor - thus more storage space
  • Fuel supplied from the vehicle's own tank
  • Low-noise operation
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Integration in the vehicle's own water system
  • Maintenance-free, easy to serviceHeating started by timer, radio remote control or telephone

How an Eberspächer water heater works

This extremely compact system heats primarily the heating water system to provide a pleasant living room temperature. A changeover valve provides even more comfort: you get plenty of hot water, enough even to take long showers. When you drive off the engine heats up quickly and its optimum operating temperature is soon reached.

System accessories for individual complete solutions

In addition to pre-heaters, Eberspächer offers a wide range of high-quality, optimally matched accessories. In this way quite special requirements for use in motorhomes can be fulfilled perfectly.

Eberspächer Hydronic water heaters for diesel vehicles

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