Eberspacher Airtronic air heaters for diesel vehicles

Eberspacher Airtronic air heaters for diesel fuel systems 

This type of Eberspacher heater is the most effective and reliable choice if you want the comfort of warmth immediatley and need a presettable timer for longer operating times.

The most important advantages of owning an Eberspacher airtronic heater.

  • Automatic and continuous room temperature control with optional seven day timer 
  • efficient power stage for short heating up times
  • Superior comfort due to temperature setting options and quiet night-time operation
  • Low fuel consumption, suitable for long periods of operation ( ideal for H.G.V. that are sat idle for hours on end waiting to be loaded).
  • Diesel fuel supplied from the vehicle's own tanks
  • Multiple compartment heating
  • Various sizes of heater depending on the area needing to be heated
  • Small and compact for easy and space-saving installation optional external fitting  into secure boxes
  • Extremely Low noise operation
  • Easy to service by buying a service kit through P.F.Jones or booking an engineer to come to you. 
  • Heating optionally started by timer, radio remote control or telephone

How the Eberspacher airtronic air heater works.

The Eberspacher Airtronic air heater system is the ideal solution if you want to heat the interior of your motorhome,car,horse box etc. It draws in air from inside the vehicle , heats it and expells it back into the desired compartments. Easy adjustment of the room temperature through day and night keeps you feeling comfortable warm and happy.


Eberspacher airtronic airflow


 View the Airtronic working demo video here

View the airtronic video internal workings here


System accessories and specific kit design for individual complete solutions by P.F.Jones ltd.

In addition to pre-heaters, Eberspacher offers a wide range of high quality, optimally matched accessories (eg. chlorifiers ducting and exhausts) . In this way nearly all requirements for use in motorhomes and other applications can be fulfilled perfectly.For a specific kit for you vehicle whatever the make model etc contact P.F.Jones design and fabrication team on 0161 872 4755



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I've bought a second hand Eberspacher D4S on eBay. I'd like to buy a digital controller, but so far I've not been able to start the heater manually. I was expecting the wiring from the heater to correspond to the colour code in the Eberspacher manuals, but there is no yellow wire. I think this must have been an OEM fit heater - do you have any information on how to wire up one of these, or can you point me in the right direction ? Thanks
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