Eberspacher Airtronic air heaters for boats

Eberspacher Airtronic air heaters for boats

Scientists have found that one feels best at an ambient temperature of 22°C and a relative humidity of 60%. In addition to this comfort range according to DIN 1946, a minimum fresh air rate of 20 m3 (non-smokers) or 20 m3 (smokers) per person and hour is required.

Optimum well being on board is guaranteed with Eberspacher air heaters. Our sophisticated heaters delivery exactly the right amount of heat. And solutions such as the D5L C bring it to an impressive 233 m3 of air per hour.

The most important advantages summarised

  • Power stage for direct, fast heating
  • Continuous temperature pre selection
  • Suitable for fresh air operation
  • Especially low-noise
  • Ventilator function
  • Inexpensive in purchasing and maintenance
  • Low installation expense - ideal for retrofitting
  • Maintenance-free and easy to service

How an Eberspacher air heater works

The heater is supplied with fuel directly from the boat's tank. The fan of the heater draw fresh air in and blows the heated air into the cabin. In summer the fan can be used for fresh air supply only without heating.

Airtronic heater in action

View the Eberspacher Airtronic demo here

Video showing more detail on the internal working of a Airtronic

What Eberspacher Airtronic system will you need? Use this chart as a guide

System accessories for individual complete solutions

Example eberspacher marine heating solution

PF Jones are trained by Eberspacher, We can help you plan your eberspacher heating system for your boat, Whether your simply looking for a just a air heating system ( Eberspacher Airtronic ) , or if you require hot running water as well ( Eberspacher Combitronic ).

Fitting on site can be arranged, all fitters are fully trained by Eberspacher.

To discuss your requirements simply call 0161 872 4755 and ask for Gary

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Dear Mr Jones

I have a D2 with Digital Timer Modulator (unfortunately without diagnostics), fitted to my boat, which is failing to start. Symptoms as follows- at switch on fan runs slow for 1 minute, then speeds up a bit for another minute at which point fan very briefly surges then reverts to slow speed for a further 5 minutes before completely shutting down. The pump does not click.

In trying to diagnose the problem I have checked that the supply voltage is ok, I can get the pump to click by putting power directly across its terminals, the glow pin and flame sensor resistance readings are good. However the overheat sensor (between blue and brown/white wires) gives an open circuit not 60k ohms as it should.

Hence it seems that the overheat sensor is faulty, but before I purchase a new one I would like to know please if failure of the overheat sensor would give rise to the symptoms I've described. Hope you can help.


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