Accessories for your towbar

There are an abundance of accessories available for your towbar, these help with the convenience and overall maintenance of your towbar. Whatever your needs, there is sure to be an accessory for you. A few of these items are; 

  • Towball and Socket covers
  • Bumper protectors
  • Towball & pin coupling
  • Universal electric kits
  • Electrical adapters/plates
  • Tow steps
  • Fixed/detachable necks
  • Cycle carriers
  • Nuts and bolts

Towball and Socket covers

This is as the name states. A plastic cover to fit onto your towball or socket when not in use. It protects the towball or socket from being damaged, catching dirt, collecting water and helping to prevent rust. Available in sizes to fit your towball, the cover is quick and easy to attach and remove whenever needed.

Bumper Protectors

This is a plate which bolts between a flange style towbar and the towball, with the intention of guarding against potential damage to the vehicles bumper when in the process of coupling the trailer or caravan. Available in varying styles such as; steel, painted and removable.

Towball & Pin Coupling

Basic equipment for your towbar which allows you to attach your vehicle to a trailer or caravan. They are rigorously tested, ready for secure towing. These items come in different sizes suitable to many styles of towbars.

Universal Electric Kits

These are the standard method for transferring power to trailers or caravans. They provide all of the lighting functions required to keep your vehicle legal while towing your trailer or caravan. Usually fitted at the same time as your towbar, as the electrics need to be connected to the car electrical system.

Electrical adapters/ plates

Adapters are used to convert one type of towbar electric plug to work with another.

The three types of electrical adapters available are; 7 pin to 13 pin adapter, 13 pin to 7 pin adapter and twin electrics.

Tow steps

As an accessory, tow steps have more to offer than simply giving the driver a boost to reach the top of the vehicle. They provide excellent protection to rear panels, doors and lights whilst not detracting from the aesthetic looks of the vehicle. Built to last, some are also designed to have parking sensors installed.

Fixed/ detachable necks

Fixed necks are permanently attached to your vehicle, while detachable necks are not. The majority of buyers choose fixed necks because they are aware the towbar will be in continuous use. Whereas those with detachable necks may only be towing on the odd occasion and do not wish to change the cars image.

Cycle Carriers

There is a range of cycle carriers that are designed to be mounted to a towbar at the rear of the vehicle. Some are available with removable features and even a tilting mechanism for easy access to your boot. These are the ideal accessory for transporting multiple bikes securely.

Nuts and Bolts

Again, these are as the name implies, nuts and bolts that are spare parts for your towbar. Available in many sizes and specifications, these are useful in case of towbar revisions and adjustments.


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