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The Volkswagen Worker is a medium truck range that was produced by the Brazilian Army and Volkswagen Trucks and Buses subsidiary company. The range is designed for primarily for army use and demands, along with commercial needs. The model can be used to transport military and general cargo, weaponry and other army property. With a basic truck design, the range is available in seventeen variants and is only sold in South America. The interior of the vehicle contains plenty of space for the driver to be comfortable on long journeys, while the cabin is well set up and intended for the drivers convenience. Available with a host of strong diesel engines, each engine offers their own power output so that the buyer can customize their truck. These diesel engines excel at delivering strong pulling power, steady handling and a powerful performance. In all, the Volkswagen Worker is a range that offers a large, robust build, reliable engineering and strong diesel engines.

Volkswagen Worker Diesel Fuel Pumps

Volkswagen Worker Diesel Fuel Pumps

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