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The Volkswagen Constellation is a truck range that was launched in 2005 by a subsidiary brazilian manufacturer. The range is the brands flagship truck series and is a rival to other truck models. It is mainly sold in the South American market, where it has gained popularity and success as a truck range. As the brands biggest vehicle, it boasts a modern, European design with dominating, robust styling that allows it to stand out within its class. Containing a well set up interior, the cabins comfortable quality materials mean the driver can enjoy a relaxing ride. The range comes with an array of strong diesel engines that the buyer can choose from, varying with different power outputs. Each of these diesel engines deliver a powerful performance and a steady ride. In all, the Volkswagen Constellation is a successful range that offers a robust build, comfortable interior and strong diesel engines.

Volkswagen Constellation Diesel Fuel Pumps

Volkswagen Constellation Diesel Fuel Pumps

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