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The Vauxhall Cascada is a compact convertible range that was introduced into the market in 2013 by the British automaker. The range is also known in other countries under the names; Holden Cascada, Opel Cascada and Buick Cascada. With a traditional fabric roof, the model uses parts of the Vauxhall Astra and Vauxhall Insignia so buyers know that the engineering is reliable. The range offers an upmarket look with sleek styling that appeals to anyone in the market. While the well equipped interior is fitted with the latest technology and good quality materials, allowing the driver and passengers to enjoy a relaxing ride. Available with a choice of petrol or diesel engines, each offers their own power output. With the diesel engines being the popular choice, such as, the 2.0 litre CDTi diesel motor which delivers a supple ride and smooth driving performance. In all, the Vauxhall Cascada is a stylish range that offers an upmarket interior and efficient diesel engines.

Vauxhall Cascada Diesel Fuel Pumps