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The Tata Xenon is a pick up range that was introduced in 2007 by the Indian manufacturer. The range is the second generation of the Tata Telcoline, so it is an improved version of the first generation which was released in 1988. The range is fitted with a dominating design that stands out within its class, while the attractive exterior styling appeals to a wide range of buyers. This is a vehicle that is well built, with solid engineering that allows the model to handle any type of terrain. The spacious interior means that driver and passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride, while the well equipped cabin area offers plenty of helpful features. Available with an array of petrol and diesel engines, each offer their own power outputs. The 2.2 litre turbodiesel engine and 3.0 litre Dicor diesel motor are both very refined, delivering great pulling power and quick acceleration. In all, the Tata Xenon is a range that offers an attractive design, strong build and powerful diesel engines.

Tata Xenon Diesel Fuel Pumps

Tata Xenon Diesel Fuel Pumps

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