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The Seat Inca is a panel van range that made its debut in 1995 before being discontinued in 2003. The range is based on the Seat Ibiza Mark 2, so the van holds car-like qualities that allow the driver to feel comfortable when driving. The range offers an impressive amount of space that is perfect for transporting goods, along with a large payload capacity that allows for heavy goods to also be carried. The range is available with a wide selection of petrol and diesel engines, each offering different powered outputs. But it is the 1.9 litre TDI diesel motor that is a buyer favourite, with a powerful performance the engine delivers a strong ability to transport heavy goods. In all, the Seat Inca is a range with distinctive styling and powerful diesel engines, altogether a strong workhorse.

Seat Inca Diesel Fuel Pumps

Seat Inca Diesel Fuel Pumps

Diesel Fuel Pumps for all Seat, We ship Diesel Pumps worldwide, Use our parts exchange service to save £100s send us your broken Seat Diesel Fuel Pump and we will send you a repaired diesel pump, All repairs are to the diesel fuel pump manufacturers factory standards.

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