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Diesel Pumps

Diesel Injectors
The Jeep Commander is a luxury 4x4 that was launched in 2006. Although it is not as popular in the market as its brand siblings, the Commander has its fair share of supporters. The vehicle has a huge build with no nonsense styling that has similarities to military design, helping it to definitely stand out in the market. Thanks to the added roof height and more overhand, the model holds a spacious interior for the driver and passengers. The range also shares a platform with the successful Jeep Grand Cherokee, so its foundation engineering is sound. Available with only one engine option, the strong 3.0 litre V6 diesel motor. Surprisingly economical, the V6 delivers power and an enjoyable drive. In all, the jeep Commander is an affordable range with many capabilities that help make it a very tempting car to buy.

Jeep Commander Diesel Fuel Pumps

Jeep Commander Diesel Fuel Pumps

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