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The Iveco Stralis is a 2002 heavy duty truck range. The Stralis replaced the EuroStar and EuroTech series on its arrival and is one of the main ranges in the company in terms of success. The range is both comfortable and versatile, with three different cab options offered. Available with great fuel efficiency, the truck holds multiple diesel engines such as the 12.9 litre Cursor 13 diesel motor. This diesel delivers a smooth and responsive performance that is top of the line in the heavy duty truck segment. In all, the Iveco Stralis is a excellent range that offers powerful diesel engines with enough strength to carry cargo a great distance.

Iveco Stralis Diesel Fuel Pumps

Iveco Stralis Diesel Fuel Pumps
USD $ 2,592.49

Production Date:  2013 Onwards

Engine:  11.1/12.9

Engine Code:  F3GFE611A*

Condition:  New

Manufacturer:  Bosch

USD $ 957.56

Production Date:  2012 Onwards

Engine:  8.7

Engine Code:  Cursor 9

Condition:  New

Manufacturer:  Bosch