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Diesel Pumps

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The Isuzu Forward is a medium duty commercial vehicle range that is also known as the Isuzu F-series. Originally launched in 1970, the range is assembled in Japan. It is one of the most versatile ranges available on the truck market. With a comfortable cabin with a great driving position, the Forward shares its cabin design with the stronger Isuzu FX model. The range has windows that have a sloped bottom line for an improved side visibility, similarly with the windshield. The cabin itself contains plenty of space and storage places for any belongings. Available with only one engine, the powerful diesel 7.8 litre motor is a impressively strong engine that delivers plenty of pulling power. In all, the Isuzu Forward is a flexible and practical range that provides the driver with comfort and a strong diesel engine.

Isuzu Forward Diesel Fuel Pumps

Isuzu Forward Diesel Fuel Pumps

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