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The Citroen C1 is a popular city car that was launched in 2005. This hatchback model is available as three or five doors depending on the buyers needs. The second generation was introduced in 2014 with added improvements but relatively still the same as before. As the engineering was handled by Toyota this makes the C1 the most solid supermini from the French brand yet. Available with a range of petrol engines, the series also comes with a 1.4 litre HDi refined diesel engine. Altogether, the Citroen C1 is a small city car popular popular with young mums and learner drivers to name a few.

Citroen C1 Diesel Fuel Pumps

Citroen C1 Diesel Fuel Pumps

Diesel fuel pumps for all Citroen models in stock Use our parts exchange service to save £100s send us your broken Citroen Diesel Fuel Pump and we will send you a repaired diesel pump, All repairs are to the diesel fuel pump manufacturers factory standards.

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