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Diesel Pumps

Diesel Pumps
The Alfa Romeo GT is a 2004 range that is designed with stunning Italian looks. A combination of sophistication and drive, the GT was introduced around the same time as the Brera. This series holds an excellent engine range that includes a strong 1.9 litre diesel powered engine. This efficient diesel engine is integral to the satisfying drive of the vehicle that is best suited to cruising. This well equipped Alfa series also comes with a healthy 320 litre boot capacity, ideal for storing any shopping you have. In all, the Alfa Romeo GT is a practical range and a great all rounded drive from the Italian brand.

Alfa Romeo GT Diesel Fuel Pump

Alfa Romeo GT Diesel Fuel Pump
USD $ 324.06

Production Date:  2003 Onwards

Engine:  1.9 JTD 16V

Engine Code:  937A5000

Condition:  Reconditioned

Manufacturer:  Bosch

Re-Manufacturer:  PF Jones