Witter ZX502

Witter ZX502 2 Bike Carrier

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Towbar Mounted
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USD $ 397.65
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Witter Innovative Towball Mounted Tilting 2 Bike Carrier

ZXE502 ZXE502 Innovative towball Mounted Tilting 2 Bike Cycle Carrier


The Witter Innovative towball Mounted Tilting 2 Bike Cycle Carrier has a new and improved platform style that can hold different bikes. With its original clamp down feature to secure your bikes to the carrier, this bike rack is an easy to use, sturdy way to transport your cycles.





  1. ROLL-IT - Portable, the carrier can be easily moved around on built in wheels when not in use or when manoeuvring into position.
  2. LOAD-IT - The carrier loads vertically onto the towball; this reduces back strain and makes the attachment incredibly simple with minimum effort.
  3. CLAMP-IT - Using a unique clamp down action it fastens to the towball with the same force automatically every time it is lowered into position.
  4. TILT-IT - The platform will tilt rearwards when in use to facilitate boot access with or without the cycles loaded.
  5. USE-IT – Simple and easy to use, minimum effort to install, designed specifically for one person attachment without continuous adjustments.
  6. FOLD-IT - The platform folds up to reduce rearward clearance when not in use.
  7. FLIP-IT - The lighting board can then be flipped down to display rearward.
  8. DRIVE-IT - The vehicle can be driven with the carrier attached in the fold up position.




Technical Specifications

Maximum payload – 40kg
Maximum weight per cycle - 20kg
Unladen weight - 19.8kg



How to fit



Not used yet but appears to be a solid piece of kit, well made and well finished
Easy to follow instruction and does what it says on the box
Used it couple of times and works really well. Took couple of goes to get used to setting it up but now fine
Very good product does the job very well.
Good and strong and stable. just wished you could adjust the width of the bars apart as our bikes are quite large. But definately worth the money
A great bit of kit, very good price. I'm glad I found your company.
Well designed, sturdy, easy to use device with good built in security devices for deterring opportunist theft. Bike attachments are easy & quick to fit & adjust. Can be folded up for parking or driving as the fitted lighting panel swivels. Will fit in back of most cars when removed and has wheels should you wish to drag it back to the shed.
The carrier arrived the day after ordering and was well packed. It arrived fully assembled so all I had to do was read the destructions and try it on the car. It's worth reading the instructions carefully (especially for the removal of the bike support arms) but they're simple enough to understand. Once on my tow bar it was extremely secure and didn't move at all. It's a bit heavy but not difficult to manoeuvre due to the various handles. The ability to fold it up while still locked to the bar is great as it means you can take your bikes off then fold it up out of the way, reducing the chance of it being damaged in a car park while you're riding. It also means you don't have to put an expensive, yet potentially dirty, wet carrier in your boot while out and about. So far I can't fault it to the point I'll be buying the 4 bike version very soon.
I chose this after quite a bit of internet research. Initially I was looking at Thule products but they seemed to be expensive for what they were. Eventually I came across the Witter range of carriers. They make carriers for 2 to 4 bikes (not 3 + 1 like Thule) and they make a range of specifications from ones that clamp directly to the tow bar to those that attach to a plate bolted behind the tow bar. There's also a range of prices to suit. In the end I went for the top of the range ZX502 which claims to the tow ball. It fixes extremely securely with virtually no movement. The built in light board is good quality and the whole thing locks to the tow ball. Though heavy (due to the sturdy construction) it's easy to attach and simple to load the bikes. It can also fold up when the bikes are off saving space in car parks and receding the risk of it being damaged. Well impressed to the point I'll be getting a ZX504 too in the near future.
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I have a Witter detachable towbar on a Vauxhall Insignia estate (G108Q) and I'm just checking that this carrier will fit my car. Also, can the cycle carrier be locked to the towbar and the bikes locked to the carrier and are all of the locks included in the package? Thanks. Matt.

Asked by Matthew Sault  | 16/05/2018, 06:38 | 1 answer(s)

You say that the Witter ZX 502 does not fold. The Witter leaflet says the ZX 502 folds. Which is correct? If it does fold I will order one from you. Thank you, Trevor

Asked by Trevor | 26/08/2016, 17:25 | 1 answer(s)