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Towbar Mounted
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Westfalia Portilo BC60 Folding Cycle Carrier

13 pin to 7 pin adaptor
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Westfalia Portilo BC60 Folding Cycle Carrier


The Westfalia Portilo BC60 Folding Cycle Carrier is a safe and compact bike rack designed to cater to all your bike needs. With an array of new improved features, this cycle carrier is built to safely transport two cycles to your chosen destination. A great choice for family trips or cycling adventures.




  • The new enhanced design of the wheel supports ensure the safe attachment of the bikes.
  • Ideal for the use with electrics bikes (wheelbase up to 1300mm).
  • The improved rubber coating inside the frame clamps, protects the bikes.
  • Folds down to a very compact and easy to store product.
  • The swivel down mechanism provides easy access to the boot of the vehicle. 
  • Extendable to carry a third bike.
  • Secure and fast mounting to the tow bar, easy mounting of bikes.
  • Easy readjusting of the tow bar clamping force.
  • No assembling of parts.
  • Patented clamping of tow ball using a one hand levering system.
  • Failsafe clamping system.
  • Leverage force for clamping to towbar: approx. 300 N
  • Included theft protection of bike carrier itself and individual bikes.
  • One key fits all locks.
  • Bikes are fastened using frame claws and ratchet levers.




Technical Specifications


  • 58 x 22 x 69 cm (W x H x D) when folded.
  • 1260 x 660 x 690 mm (W/H/D) when unfolded. 
  • Manufactured in line with stringent regulatory and car makers safety and quality standards.
  • TÜV-GS certified.
  • City Crash Test certified.
  • 60kg Payload. 



  • Following accessories Available:
     Portilo bike adaptor Westfalia Portilo 3rd Bike adaptor
    Westfalia Portilo Box Westfalia Portilo Box

    Time to mount a bike to carrier: 1 min.
    Tilting function allows easy access to the trunk, while bikes are mounted.


    Westfalia Folding Cycle Carrier demonstration video
    View this tow bar demo.
    The Westphalia BC60 was an excellent choice and fulfils its function very well, simple to use and in my opinion being tow bar fitted the best type of bike carrier. Two things to be aware of....it is quite heavy and secondly this model is superceded by an updated version the BC 70.
    Looks good and seems easy to use
    Excellent does what it says on the box
    Great product and much cheaper than the equivalent Thule bike rack. very well made, sturdy and secure but don't forget it weighs 20kgs! Easily fold to become more compact
    Great item great experience
    Does what it says on the tin.
    Having recently retired we purchased 2 pedal assisted electric bikes. These bikes are too heavy for me to lift easily onto my existing roof rack cycle carrier. As I already have a tow ball fitted I decided that the Westfalia BC60 which is specifically designed to hold 2 electric bikes up to a total of 60kg would solve the lifting problem. As my car is an estate car the ability to lower the bikes & rack to enable the tailgate to be opened was also a favourable factor. The rack folds up to make storage either at home or in the boot easy. The online video shows a woman carrying the BC60 & fitting it to a towbar, however purchasers should be aware that it weighs 20kg which my wife couldn't lift. It is however a very well engineered piece of kit which I can highly recommend.
    Excellent. I can't say much else, except excellent
    Very easy to set up and does what its supposed to with ease
    Ordered by telephone, delivered next day. Very good piece of kit, extremely robust and straightforward to fit.
    I forgot to mention free number plate when I placed the order but one phone call and the plate was delivered the following day with no additional shipping cost. Excellent service throughout the order , delivery and after sales service
    Excellent piece of kit. Not tried bikes on it yet (one electric) but with a payload of 60 kg I can't foresee any problems. Instructions for fitting number plate into holder could be clearer.
    You get what you pay for-this is an excellent piece of kit that works well for my 2 electric bikes. The 1st time of fitting takes a little while but once you've cracked it, it is really easy. Superb service from PF Jones throughout my contact from answering questions quickly to a really efficient order and despatch
    Very good carrier i read at http://fahrradtraeger-test.org/westfalia-bc-60-fahrradtr%C3%A4ger-ahk-test/ about
    Internet order, delivered to my door within 24hrs of placing the order. Very impressed with the service!!!
    Very good service and well packaged all my orders have arrived on time never any problems.
    I am extremely happy with the service. The quality of the communication from placing the order to being able to track the package with UPS was excellent. There is nothing more reassuring than being able to track your goods once you've parted with a lot of money. The goods were well packaged and arrived undamaged. I placed the order based on a demonstration at the Camping and Caravan show in Manchester 2014. So, once the goods arrived I fitted and tested the goods and everything was I expected. Thank you for the great service.
    Totally satisfied with the order procedure
    Friendly service and very speedy delivery
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    Hi What is the pin connector on the Westfalia Portilo BC60 Folding Cycle Carrier. ta

    Asked by James Allen  | 14/04/2015, 15:55 | 1 answer(s)

    Can you confirm that the Westfalia detachable tow bar for the Evoque (323102) will be able to hold the Westfalia cycle carrier with 2 electric bikes. The 2 bikes total 46 kg. and with the 17.5 kg cycle carrier that makes 63.5 kg total. The data sheet state that the tow bar can take a vertical load of 100kg so it should be ok but a local fitter tells me that he has been told the the detachable tow bar can only take 60kg.

    Asked by Graham Flack | 29/05/2014, 18:58 | 1 answer(s)

    Hello, I´d like to ask how it is with delivery service to Slovak republic, country is not on you list. I´d like to order cycle carrer system from Westfalia is it possible to deliver and what are shipping cost? thx rado

    Asked by rado | 29/04/2014, 19:47 | 1 answer(s)

    Can you tell me how much the bike carrier weighs? just trying to work out if I could fit 3 bikes onto my towbar, weight wise. thanks.

    Asked by Fiona Bell | 25/04/2014, 10:26 | 1 answer(s)

    I have a Adria Van Conversion Motor-Home with a tow bar fitted.With the bikes on the rack would it be possible to open the back doors with the bikes and rack still fitted to the tow ball. Thank You

    Asked by Martyn Hale | 26/03/2014, 16:29 | 1 answer(s)
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