Volkswagen Transporter T6 2015 Onwards Witter Detachable tow bar

Technical Specifications

Electrics Coding :
Ball Type:
Detachable Type:
Quantum Vertical
Bumper Cuts :
Non Visible
Bypass Required :
Towing Weight Kg :
Nose Weight Kg :

Volkswagen Transporter T6 Van/MPV 2015 Onwards Witter Detachable Towbar

USD $ 354.00
Price includes VAT
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Volkswagen Transporter T6 Van/MPV 2015 Onwards Witter Detachable Towbar

 To guarantee an optimal fit of the bumper it is necessary to mount: - 1x plastic rail 7H0 807 723 - 8x gasket 357 853 586 B - 8x Clip 7H0 867 299 01C

Towbar demonstration video

volvo v90 1997 1998 tow bar demo.


  • 1    Cross Bar with European facing to 94/20/EC A50-1
  • 1    Flip up electrical Kit
  • 4    M12 x 45 x 1.75, Lock Washers and Flat Washers (40mm O.D.) and Special Nut Retainers with Square T Nuts
  • 2    M12 x 40 x 1.75, Nyloc Nuts and Flat Washers (40mm O.D.)
  • 2    Nut Insert plates
  • 1    Towball Neck

Download fitting instructions here 

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N.B Includes Volkswagen Caravelle, Volkswagen Multivan

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