Hyundai Genesis Towbars

 Hyundai Genesis Towbars

The Hyundai Genesis is an executive saloon which was designed to compete with some of the best and more traditional executive players. The Genesis is an expensive vehicle and is priced from £50,000 for the lowest specification. The Genesis is an example to the car market that Hyundai can have high levels of craftsmanship and is an effort to lift the brands reputation and to be able to propel them into the luxury brands of the car manufacturers. The Genesis is only available in a petrol version and has lots of room for passengers, but has an awkward boot. This is because the opening to the boot is quite narrow which can make it difficult to squeeze in large suitcases. The Genesis boasts an extremely quiet and comfortable ride, the engine and road noise are muted when riding in the cabin, and with a towing capacity of 3500kg, there isn’t anything the Genesis cannot tow and is an example yet again of its excellence in attempting to raise the brand profiling.

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